I’ve got a bad habit of hurting myself whenever I work out in a gym. I don’t know how to use the machines correctly and I worry about people laughing at my ineptitude. So I’ve stayed out of the gym for most of my adult life getting my exercise instead on the mountain bike, which is great for legs and cardio but does nothing for upper body or core.

Then after about 2 years of debilitating back pain, chiropractors, and pain meds it was suggested to me that I strengthen my core and upper body so my back can take a break from supporting me. One call to Brad St. Louis and I was on my way. We started with a consultation; you know “why are you here?” type stuff. I told him my tail of back pain woe, my past of injuring myself, and my fear of “doing it wrong.” Brad quickly put his expertise to use and made sure we started slow, protecting my back while making it stronger. After just a few weeks of 3 days a week at his home gym (which is fully stocked and has the best work out equipment available) and under his attentive care, I was back-pain free, felt stronger than I ever had, and am telling everyone I know to call Brad St. Louis for your physical training needs. Not only that but I have a new found appreciation for football players too. Thanks Brad!

Matt Long


Working out on and off for over 20 years, the last thing I felt I needed was personal training. What is he going to show me that I don’t already know? Wow was I wrong. My core was very weak, which in turn caused several aches and pains that I never realized.

Brad gave me the one-on-one attention I needed (I never wanted due to pride). The best thing I can say about Brad is that he really cares. His attention to detail and his true care for my well-being is why I am still there.

For those of you who are asking yourself, is personal training right for me? Take it from me, with over 20 years of working out. Thank you Brad St. Louis

Darrel DeBree


I first met Brad St. Louis in the summer of 2015. My wife and I were looking for something active for our two pre-teen sons to do over summer vacation. Both boys were getting ready for fall tackle football so training with Brad seemed to be the perfect fit. I had no plans for myself to be trained by Brad. I wasn’t the one getting ready for a football season! Yet after the first session or two he asked me “Why aren’t you working out with us?” Fresh out of excuses, I agreed to give it a try at the next session. During the first five minutes of that first session, I knew that Brad was going to help me change my life for the better. I had been struggling with some pretty significant lower back pain for a while, which had had resulted in me getting very out of shape. To make matters worse, I had an Air Force PT fitness test coming up that I was in jeopardy of failing in my current condition.

Brad was very attentive to my needs. He helped me improve my strength and flexibility. I was challenged and pushed by Brad, and he has taught me a great deal. With his help, I not only passed the PT test but I received my highest score ever! His training definitely paid off and continues to pay off to this day. And by the way, our two sons had their best season of football ever! I have no reservations at all in recommending Brad St. Louis to my friends and family. Thanks Brad!

Cory Giles

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