Speaking From Experience

Sports have obviously played a huge role in my life. From playing four sports in high school (football, wrestling, tennis, track) to 10 years in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals. Through sports I’ve learned many things including the value of teamwork, work ethic, and perseverance. But the greatest thing I gained in sport was none of these. The greatest thing I gained was God. God used sports to reveal himself to me through Godly men during my time with the Bengals. Men like 13yr NFL veteran Reggie Kelly who made an impression on me by living a life set apart and always giving credit to God. Team chaplain Ken Moyer whose persistence of inviting me to bible studies and chapel services for 8yrs despite me saying “no thanks, I’m good”. But despite their efforts I was happy living life my way and didn’t see much need to acknowledge God. But God is gracious, and through some difficult times in my life I realized I was falling short of the man God called me to be. This realization and the sudden death of my father in a bicycle accident turned my life upside down. God used these circumstances to open me up to the possibility of a God. That’s when in November of 2008 that Ken Moyer was able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with me and I responded by turning from my ways to God’s and placing my faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

The opportunity to share my faith and the gospel to others is one I’m fortunate to have. Sports team chapel services, FCA events, youth and men’s groups, and father son events are some of the places I love the opportunity to speak at.

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